May 19, 1982


February 19, 1985


September 14, 1995



The name of the organization shall be the Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. This organization is affiliated with the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and is a member of the National Association of Governors’ Councils on Physical Fitness and Sports [Editor’s note: now known as The National Association for Health and Fitness].



The mission of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports is to promote health and wellness through physical activity for all people living in Vermont at all fitness and ability levels.


Objective and Powers

Section 1. The objectives of the Council, defined in the legislation passed in 1986 creating the council as found in Title 10, Section 2605, of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, are as follows:

  • “Develop, foster, and coordinate services and programs of physical fitness for the people of Vermont.
  • Sponsor physical fitness and sports workshops, clinics, conferences, and other similar activities.
  • Give recognition to outstanding developments and achievements in, and contributions to, physical fitness and sports;
  • Stimulate physical fitness research;
  • Collect and disseminate physical fitness and sports information and initiate advertising campaigns promoting physical fitness and sports;
  • Upon request assist schools to develop health and physical fitness programs for students;
  • Encourage local governments and communities to develop local physical fitness programs;
  • Encourage the private sector to develop programs for promotion of personal health and physical fitness;
  • Enlist the support of individuals, civic groups, amateur professional sports associations and other organizations to promote and improve physical fitness and sports programs;
  • Promote the development of the program of statewide amateur athletic competition to be known as the Green Mountain State Games. The games shall be designed to encourage the participation of athletes representing a broad range of age groups, skill levels and Vermont communities in a variety of activities. Participants shall be residents of this state. Regional competitions shall be held throughout the state, and the top qualifiers in each sport shall proceed to the final competitions to be held at a site in the state with the necessary facilities and equipment for conducting the competitions. The frequency of the game shall be determined by the council.
  • The council may accept grants, gifts, and bequests and enter into contracts to carry out the purposes of this section.
—Added 1985, No 173 (Adj. Sess.)”

Section 2. The Council may establish its own bylaws.

Section 3. The Council is authorized to receive and disburse Federal and other funds made available for these purposes.

Section 4. The Council is attached for administrative purposes to the Department of Health.



Section 1. The Council shall be composed of members to be appointed by the Governor at his or her discretion. The members selected for appointments shall be experienced or interested in physical fitness and sports; the Council shall include no more than twenty (20) members. Members will be appointed for terms of two years and may be reappointed.

Section 2. Failure of voting members to attend two consecutive meetings or 50 percent of the meetings in a year shall be considered just cause to request a resignation by the Council. A majority of the voting members present is necessary to effect a request for resignation.

Section 3. The absent voting member may select a non-voting representative to attend the meeting.



Section 1. The officers of the Council shall be chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and immediate past chairperson.

Section 2. The Advisory Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members to propose a slate of officers to be presented at the meeting prior to the annual meeting.

Section 3. The chairperson of the Council shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The other officers of the Council shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Council for a period of two years or until their successors are elected.

Section 4. The chairperson of this Council shall act as presiding officer of the regular, annual, and advisory committee meetings.

Section 5. The vice-chairperson will fill the role of the chairperson in his or her absence.

Section 6. The secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of the business of the Council; sending proper notices of all meetings to the membership; and shall perform other duties as directed by the chairperson or the advisory committee.

Section 7. The treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and holding in a legal bank, trust company or savings and loan company all funds of the Council; and disbursing funds only as authorized by the advisory committee of the membership; [and shall perform other duties as directed by the chairperson or the executive committee].

Section 8. All officers, except the chairperson, shall assume their duties at the annual meeting of the Council and shall serve until expiration of their term as stated in the Bylaws.


Advisory Committee

Section 1. There shall be an Advisory Committee consisting of the officers and such other persons as may be elected by the council. All members of the advisory committee shall serve for two-year terms.

Section 2. The Advisory Committee shall coordinate the work of the council, make recommendations to the Council for action and may act on behalf of the Council when empowered to do so.



Section 1. The chairperson, with approval of the Council, shall appoint for his or her term of office such committees as the Council deems appropriate.



Section 1. The Council shall hold a minimum of three regular meetings during any one-year in addition to the annual meeting.

Section 2. The annual meeting shall be held in May.

Section 3. Regular meetings will be held at the call of the chairperson or the Advisory Committee.

Section 4. A majority of the membership in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of this Council at any meeting.

Section 5. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson, Advisory Committee, or upon written petition of a majority of the membership in good standing.

Section 6. Meetings of the Advisory Committee may be called by any officer of the Council.

Section 7.  All parliamentary business not covered by the bylaws of this Council shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.



These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing present and voting at any meeting of this Council provided written notice of such amendments and a copy thereof shall have been mailed to the members in good standing at least two weeks prior to such meeting.

Prior to the Annual Meeting the Advisory Committee shall review the bylaws and recommend changes as needed.