Congratulations to our 2019 Community Wellness Grant Recipients!

The Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports has selected three recipients for the 2019 Community Wellness Grants.

Meet the recipients:

Mill River Unified Union School District/Clarendon Elementary School

The Clarendon community would like to increase the number and diversity of community members utilizing a walking path. The Clarendon community visions this walking path as a multipurpose outdoor space used by everyone in the Mill River District. Planned programming for early elementary and elementary students, older adults, and families are key first steps in building broad community awareness and support.

Greenride Bikeshare

This project will pilot a Prescribe-a-Bike program in partnership with the UVM Medical Center, Community Health Centers of Burlington, and Vermont Department of Health.When a physician believes that physical activity—specifically, riding a bicycle—should be part of a patient’s treatment or preventative care, they can prescribe a free, one-year membership to Greenride Bikeshare. Patients will also receive a helmet, an orientation to Greenride Bikeshare, a lesson on the basics of urban riding, and information about community bike rides. This program hopes to help address those with chronic diseases but also towards prevention of physical and mental issues particularly in those traditionally underserved.

Come Alive Outside

The Addison County Winter Passport program seeks to increase the number and diversity of community members participating in outdoor winter physical activity. To help achieve this goal, snowshoes will be placed in local libraries for families to check-out. As proof of participation, patrons will receive a “secret code” in their passport which can then be redeemed for prizes at the end of the season.

Thank you to all organizations that applied. Our selection process used a formal set of criteria that included expectations in several categories. For more information, contact Janet Franz, Chair of the Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, at

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