Daniel Franklin Honored With 2021 Vermont Business Wellness Leader Award

Daniel Franklin, center, accepts the 2021 Vermont Business Wellness Leader Award,
presented by Vermont Governor Philip B. Scott, left, and Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports Vice Chair, Anna Grearson, right.

The Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports is pleased to name Daniel Franklin, Executive Director of the North Central Vermont Recovery Center in Morrisville, the Business Wellness Leadership Award recipient for 2021. The honor recognizes Franklin’s motivational role modeling, generous service to the community and strong leadership in sustaining a culture of wellbeing.

“Daniel Franklin is an innovative proponent of preventative health care and fostering a culture of wellbeing in Vermont. His nominators described his highly demanding job leading a recovery community in an opioid crisis, and pointed to the plethora of integrative wellness programs he has brought to north central Vermont, including a community garden, yoga, reiki, acupuncture, arts programs and music therapy,” said Janet Franz, Council chairperson. “Our council members were impressed by Daniel’s generous community service, serving on steering committees and boards of numerous charitable organizations. He is truly a wellness leader and an excellent role model and spokesperson for fitness and health in Vermont.”

Franklin has led the North Central Vermont Recovery Center for more than three years. His list of achievements, initiatives and goals includes creating a community garden and nutrition program at the Center and steering the Center toward a Gold Level 3-4-50 partner (the program highlights the connection between three behaviors cause four diseases that account for 50 percent of all deaths in Vermont). Franklin focuses on the wellness of both his employees and the community he serves.

One of Franklin’s nominators wrote, “Daniel has expanded the many services at the North Central Vermont Recovery Center including creating a new satellite facility at Jenna’s House in Johnson, which will host a fitness center as part of its many offerings…as well as a Moms in Recovery Support Program that includes walking groups.”

“These ideas were borne out of the realization that such opportunities are often out of reach financially for many people, especially for people and families working to rebuild their lives in pursuit of long-term recovery from substance use disorders,” Franklin said. “I hope that through the struggles of the last year-plus, we will all emerge with more awareness about what contributes to or detracts from our overall wellness and have more tools for pursuing wellness.”

Franklin’s commitment to community extends far beyond his worksite. His network includes: the Vermont Association of Recovery Center Directors (co-chair); the Lamoille Interagency Networking Team (co-chair); Lamoille Health Collaborative (executive member); Executive Committee for Health and Healthcare Organizations; Mental Health and Substance Misuse Operations Unit, Lamoille Area Health & Human Services Response Command Center (team lead) and Healthy Lamoille Valley Steering Committee (chair). In addition, Franklin writes a column for the News & Citizen newspaper and he is a Vermont Certified Recovery Coach.

A native of Guilford, Vermont, Franklin resides in Craftsbury with his fiancé, Corrina Thurston, and son, Josiah.

The Vermont Business Wellness Leader Award is presented in conjunction with Vermont Governor Philip B. Scott’s proclamation of May as Physical Fitness and Sports Month. The proclamation can be found here in its entirety: https://governor.vermont.gov/content/physical-fitness-and-sports-month-proclamation-21-043.

The Vermont health department recommends that adults aim for 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. Moderate activity includes walking fast, bicycling, dancing and swimming. Children should engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, including walking to school, playing in the yard or playground, climbing trees, riding bikes and participating in sports.

The Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports promotes health and wellness through physical activity for people of all fitness and ability levels.


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